Friday, July 8, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pink Island Surf Bedroom {Updates}

Three years ago we painted Arielle's bedroom blue.  Since then I have replaced her bed, added a desk, redesigned her closet and rearranged her furniture a few times.  The retro desk and chair makeover inspired me to make a couple of more small changes.  I liked the fabric that I used to recover the chair pad so much that I bought more and made curtain holdbacks and a curtain for her armoire.  It is nice to see splashes of this fun, colorful fabric throughout the room!

The curtain for the armoire was completed in a few simple steps.  First I ironed and sewed the raw edges on the side of the fabric that I had pre-measured to fit the armoire opening.  I left the width a couple inches wider than the armoire so it would have a little bit of ruffling.  Next, I ironed and sewed up the top of the curtain leaving a one inch pocket for a tension rod to fit through.  Lastly, I ironed and sewed the bottom hem.  It was a very easy sewing project but could have been completed without sewing as well using a hot glue gun and/or iron-on hem tape.

To make the curtain holdbacks I cut four strips of fabric approximately 4 inches wide by 12  inches long.  Next, I ironed and sewed the edges up then hand-stitched buttons to close the holdbacks up.  It was really easy to do!

One of my favorite things about this room is the closet.  Since Arielle's furniture is quite large I wanted to free up more space in her room so I decied to removed the closet doors and put her dresser in the closet. I found the white beadboard shelves at a garage sale and hung all three of the side by side above the dresser.  I also added track shelving on the side of the close for additional storage. Lastly, I hung sheer panels from a shower curtain rod so we could hide the clutter at any time.

I am looking forward to making big-girl updates to Averi's room eventually!