Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Princess don't suck their thumbs

Today, as Arielle carried blankey out to the car on our way to school she told me that "Princesses don't suck on their thumbs." Even with her own reassurance, she proceeded to hold her blankey and suck her thumb the entire drive. I have told her a time or two that sucking on her thumb all the time will ruin her teeth and cause them to rot (like the pumpkin rotted on our front step while we were on vacation). What else can I tell her to make her stop sucking her thumb? She only does it when she is holding her blankey (or thinking about holding it). We can't take away blankey just yet...none of us are ready to take that leap! I have decided that if Arielle is still attached to blankie when she starts kindergarten, I am going to cut a piece of it off and let her keep it in her pocket at school. I told her my plan and she said, "That is so nice!"
On a good note, for the past couple of weeks when I drop her off at school she does not cry to hold blankey anymore. I guess we're off to a good start after all...

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