Friday, February 27, 2009

Finger Fracture

Arielle has her first broken bone. Fortunately it is not too serious but it is painful none-the-less and looks absolutely horrible. It happened yesterday morning at her school when she got her finger slammed in a {very big, heavy} door. The thing that breaks my heart the most is that she told me she was holding the door open for her friends. The teacher didn't realize this and let the door close. I am so not happy that the school didn't call me. Nor did they give her any motrin to ease the pain or the swelling. Sounds like they put some ice on it and a bandage then forgot all about it. I guess the fact that she wasn't acting like herself all day and she actually laid still at nap time and slept wasn't a big red flag for them that something was wrong. I don't know whether to be angry or just cry imagining the thought of her asking for her mommy when she was in pain {which she told me she did}.

When I brought her home it took several minutes for me to convince her that I needed to take the Hello Kitty band-aid off to check it out. Well, I was not prepared for what I saw underneath the band-aid. It was big and purple and there was white stuff around it. My maternal instincts kicked in at that point and I carried her off to Urgent Care without hesitation. When we got there they gave us an ice pack which Arielle kept on her finger the whole time without and resistance. This made the swelling and purple decrease quite a bit so I started to feel relieved.

Next, they took x-rays and discovered that the tip of her bone was fractured. So they cleaned the wound and created a splint {that looks more like a cast}. When she came home and I held her so tightly. I am so proud of how well she handled the whole ordeal. It helps that she got to watch the movie, The Little Mermaid while she waited and her bandage is purple {one of her favorite colors}.

One of the things I will never forget about this accident was the fact that she asked me several times if her finger was going to fall apart. I think that is what she is worried about the most. She also told me, "I shouldn't have held the door open. Next time I will tell the teacher that I can't hold the door because I don't want to get my finger pinched."

I am such a sap, I can't imagine anything worse happening to her. This is hard enough. Today Zak is taking her to a hand specialist, hopefully they can get her in at the last minute. We just want to take every precaution that we can to ensure that her finger will heal.

Fortunately, my girl is in good spirits as long as we are not touching or looking at her finger. That's always a good sign that we are doing something right!

~Momma to Bug~


joco07 said...

Oh my gosh! How horrible! Poor Arielle, being at daycare all day with a broken finger! :( Good Job Mama for taking her in right away. I hope her finger is feeling better soon! :)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe the school didn't call you. WTH!!!! This is breaking my heart. I kept whinging every time I read more. Your poor little girl. Really. She suffered in silence and I can't fathom the school wouldn't have called you. Just for an FYI even. I hope Arielle feels better soon. She sure does look cute and happy in the last picture.

BTW my son just turned 4 and there has been a huge difference in his behaviour too. I'm so happy to finally see a boy that's willing to cooperate instead of fight me. Oh he still fights me but not on every single move.

~Mommy+Me~ said...

OMG, Poor thing!I feel so bad for her. Glad she's ok though. They usually do have a tendency to handle those situations better than us! I'm sure you were so heartbroken though! I would definitely complain to the school about the way this was handled!

Sit A Spell said...

Saw your post at Buzzings...I read a few after I posted...and yours was much like I had to pop over to say HI.

Bless her little heart...that hurts!

I also saw you are in CO...I lived there for 10 yrs and loved it!