Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On Vacation in Florida

Hello from Florida! We are on our 7th day of vacation visiting the Beach Family. The weather has been cold and rainy for most of the time but we managed to get some warm weather yesterday. Averi stayed home while Zak and I took Arielle to the beach. She was ECSTATIC! She loves the ocean, sand and salt! Earlier yesterday morning we were at the park right next door to Gaby & Tee's house and while Arielle was picking flowers she stepped into a pile of fire ants and got stung. You wouldn't believe the crying and screaming that followed {who can blame her?}. A little mixture of bleach and water applied to the bites seemed to sooth her but according to her this was "the worst day ever".

Averi seems to change every day while we are here. She is becoming more alert and playful. Her head control has improved significantly too. The best thing she has done so far is put herself to sleep occassionally for naps and bedtime. She just goes to town sucking on her fist and sleeves until she tires herself out. This morning Averi woke up with a little cold and has been sneezing and coughing. This cold has been going around the house so I'm not surprised; I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into anything worse {fingers crossed}. Averi has also pleasantly surprised us a couple of nights by sleeping without eating for over 7 hours!

I'm looking forward to Christmas decorating when we get home!

~Momma to Bug~

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~Mommy+Me~ said...

Aaw poor Arielle! I like the pics though. Averi looks SO different in the picture! You've been lucky enough to miss all the below zero weather! This is the longest we've had snow on the ground that I can remember in a LONG time!