Monday, February 15, 2010

Making do with a space in my house

When I read Carrie's post today I couldn't help but be inspired to do my own. I have been in the process of redecorating/repurposing this one little space in my house that has always perplexed me. It is the empty space next to our very large entertainment center in the living room. Just around the corner from this wall is the garage door entry to our house and the wall is across from our eat-in kitchen. Previously I had a basket/bench for toy storage and extra seating in between the entertainment center and a very small telephone table. This set up always bothered me and I never really took a liking to it. So when I found this large console table I had to buy it so I could make over this space.

Now I have an entirely new to decorate it! I know that it needs to be childproof and have lots of {hidden} storage. I am on the hunt for the perfect accessories and baskets. It's a slow process but I'll get there eventually.

~Momma to Bug~

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