Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tropical Pillow Slipcovers

I recently found this post and was inspired to make new pillow slipcovers for my living room out of a shower curtain that was sitting in my linen closet.

My living room is quite dark probably because of our very large, dark brown sectional. When we first moved into our house there weren't a lot of sectional with chaise options that we could afford. We wanted a chaise for more seating. Ours was the only one that we found that was reasonably priced but the only two color choices were red and brown. My choice was the obvious one because I am really a neutral-oriented person. The only nice thing about the brown is that it doesn't show any dirt and the fabric is very easy to clean. Anyway, I thought these pillows would brighten up the room and prepare us for summer mode. I was right! These pillows gave the room an instant pop of color that it was lacking. I made two twenty inch pillows but have enough fabric left over for a large floor pillow that Arielle will love.

I didn't take a picture of both sides of the pillows but I used the bottom of the shower curtain to make the back of the slipcovers so that all I had to sew was one large square {as opposed to hemming the raw edges that can been seen on the back}. It literally took me fifteen minutes to cut and sew both slipcovers, they were that easy to make! I'll post a tutorial when I make the floor pillow.

Looking at this picture has given me an idea! fter I finish my thrift store lamp project I'm going to replace the silver one in the corner. I think the larger lamp will look better next to our big couch which is in front of a very big window.

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Meredith said...

Thanks for the shout-out. :) Your pillows look soo good and definitely brighten up your room. Great job!

Unknown said...

Go bright little pillows! You guys rock! They're really cute, and how frugal of you to use a shower curtain. Nice!