Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Scrapbook paper is such an inexpensive, easy and fun way to creat wall art for any room in the house. I purchased a package of Nana's Kids paper with Glitter at the craft store for $10 and got started on wall art for the new craft area section of the playroom.

For my first project, I wanted to use frames that I already had which just so happen to be from Pottery Barn. All I did was cut up some pieces of matching paper to fill in the spaces where photos go in the frames. The new wall art is now resting on the top craft shelf {I can't decide if I am going to hang them above the shelves or leave them on the shelves}.

For my next wall art project, I had this wooden plaque that is square with beveled edges and is almost exactly the size of scrapbook paper. It when I saw it at a garage sale for fifty cents I knew instantly that I was going to use Modge Podge to make wall art with it. First, I spraypainted the edges white. Next, I found a cute alphabet themed piece of paper in my new pack that incorporated all of the colors in the playroom. Finally, I trimmed it up so it fit on the plaque then I Modge-Podged the front and back. Now all I have to do is attach a hanger to the back and find somewhere to put it on the wall. For now it is resting on one of the craft shelves.

I still had some really cute scrapbook paper from my new package that I wanted to use so I found another empty frame and made more wall art. The only problem is that I don't know where I am going to hang it yet. I still have an empty wall above the table but I want to make sure whatever I put there is going to be functional and serve a purpose. One idea I have is to find several more mesh office baskets, such as the one below that I spray-painted white, to hang on the wall with art surrounding it. But then again, I really like the idea of using a bunch of frames from Goodwill, spray painted white, so that I can display my girls' art work.

Another change I made was that I replaced the oversized, plastic bench that we previously had as seating with these bright pink ottoman storage cubes. They are the perfect size for the space and were only $15 each at Kohls. I think we are going back to get two more for the other side of the table. The nice thing about them in addition to the storage is that they fit under the table when you are not using them.

In addition to needing to fill the empty wall above the seating, I am still working on finding more, different containers for the bottom shelf and cute, girl accessories for the top one as well as labels for all of the containers. This room is a work-in-process but it's been fun seeing what projects I can come up with next and I'm getting most of my ideas from other blogs!

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~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


Meredith said...

The room is really coming together! Those pink storage ottomans were an awesome find. How perfect that they fit right under the table :)
- Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

Megan Gunyan said...

What a fun room! I love it. My girls would love it more! I love good storage solutions! And the paper makes great artwork!

Tisha said...

so cute!!!