Monday, January 3, 2011

A little bit of Christmas

I like how my Christmas mantle turned out this year {with the exception of the orange candles which I didn't find time to replace}. 

I finished my Christmas Advent Calendar just a few days before December 1st.  It was totally worth the time it took to make it from scratch.  I used Carrie's idea but modge-podged every square inch of the box and lid.  We filled it with Squinkees and Christmas themed candy this year.  Arielle loved it!

I let Arielle put the ornaments on the tree all by herself but found that many of them were placed too close together (you can tell by looking at the picture below) so after she went to bed I reorganized them.  

We always get good pics while waiting in line to see Santa at the mall! 


House of Smiths said...

your advent calendar is SO cute!
Looks like you all had a fun Christmas!

Unknown said...

cute pix. and your professional pictures in the other post. love the first one of the fam. hope you are well. xoxo