Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring Decor & {Layered} Area Rugs

I'm so happy that Spring has arrived.  It has inspired me to change up my décor here and there as well as bring in a new color palette of mint, blue and cream.  My normal colors generally include teal, aqua and turquoise so this is a big change in my world. 

Check out my spring décor on the buffet!  This is a good example of the new colors I'm using in my home:

Colors aren't the only change I made.  Area rugs have been replaced too!  I have been seeing so many natural material (jute/sisal/seagrass) rugs lately that I decided I needed one in my home because of their simple beauty!  I had the perfect place in mind so I began researching and decided on a jute rug from IKEA (the LOHALS rug) for it's low price and wonderful reviews.  The smaller rug that I purchased to put on top of the jute rug I discovered by chance on one of my favorite blogs, The Lettered Cottage.  I scooped it up from RUGSUSA as soon as it was back in stock and I'm soooo glad I did because it is as soft as velvet and as pretty as pretty can be!

I decided my new layered rugs would go perfect in our front sitting room.  Here is a BEFORE photo of the room that already had a striped gray and cream wool rug in it:

I took this photo before we replaced the chandelier with a much smaller, more industrial flush mount light.  The color of the room was terrible with the old light fixture and it was much too big for the room.  This photo was also taken at night so it doesn't show the natural light flooding into it through the open blinds during the day.

Here is the after with layered rug and new light fixture:

The lighting is still not perfect in these photos but hopefully you can see the difference these layered rugs made in the room.  It feels more natural and airy, like Spring feels!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh I love your living-room!

Desiree said...

Thank you!

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