Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sliding {Office} Door

I'm excited to share my latest project...a sliding "barn" door for our office!  I have been wanting a barn door in our house for quite some time but couldn't think of anywhere that one would work until recently.  The opening to our office, which is just off the front of the house, was (close to) perfect!  The hunt began and I quickly found an antique hardwood door on CL and refinished it with a whitewash method. 

Here is the what the door looked like originally (I ended up spending $40 so it was a great deal):

I decided to hang it up using galvanized pipes since I already have curtains hanging from the same pipes in our dining nook and sitting room.  Here is the office entry before we hung the door:

The opening isn't huge and didn't need a door but like I said, I've been dreaming of a barn door so why not, right?

Here is the door after we hung it up:

I don't plan on ever needing to slide the door but we can if need be.  The nice thing is that it "locks" in place when pushed over to the side as the eye hook settles perfectly between the elbow and pipe.  This to me makes it safer around kids.  Also, we replaced the original glass window with plexi-glass because it unexpectedly broke when our cat decided to investigate the new door leaning in the entry way right after we brought it home.  Oh well!  Plexi-glass is a safer alternative anyway.

I think I'm going to make a sign to hang above the big empty space over the door.  For now, I'm enjoying seeing my new barn door every time I come down the stairs!


Unknown said...
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Giovanni said...

Great and interesting article! Nice to see you got a new door for such a steal. It really looks nice and I bet it will be perfect when you put it all together. What a shame the cat had to break the glass, but at least it was not too bad of damage.

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