Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Adventures of the Lion Cup

Upon waking Arielle up for school this morning, the first thing she said was, "I want my lion cup". At first I thought she was still dreaming but after she got out of bed and walked to the top of the stairs she repeated it, I realized that she was determined to have her lion cup. It must have been to early for my brain because I could not remember such a cup and thought she was making it up. I let her look through all the cabinets at all the plastic cups but none of them were satisfying her requirment. At last, I found a cup from the zoo that had pictures of lots of different animals, including lions! I tried to convince Arielle that this was her lion cup but she was not happy at all. She suggested that we look in the sink for her special lion cup but there was nothing in there. Finally, it came down to tears and out of frustration I resorted to opening the dishwasher to try to produce a cup that would make her happy again and there it was...the lion cup that just last week was the only cup that she would drink from! I tried to explain to her that mommy forgot about that cup and I was sorry I didn't know what she was talking about from the beginning but how do you explain a BRAIN FART to a two year old?

That reminds me, last night we were playing with the new puppy, Lexi, and I called her a "dork" because of something silly that she did. Arielle promptly told me "Oh honey-that wasn't a nice thing to say". I knew what she was correcting me for but I played dumb and asked her what I said that wasn't nice. She replied, "Dork" is not a nice word to say. Thanks for the lessons, my dear! So how do you explain playful teasing to a two year old?

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