Friday, March 21, 2008

Something to Ponder

Arielle has been an angel this week. She even managed to keep her cool on a day that mommy slept in and we still made it to school and work on time. I was so proud of her. Arielle has been transitioning to her new classroom this week and has done a great job. This is not surprising since her old teacher and old friends are in the new room. When I picked her up on the day she spent the most time in there, as we were walking out the door one of her little friends, Kayla, came running over to say bye. She proceeded to give Arielle a very big hug and Arielle kissed her cheek. It was so sweet and pure friendship. They seemed very happy to be reuinted after a couple of months apart. I couldn't help but think that in a couple of months they may pulling out each other's hair instead of hugging because that is what best friends do at times.

Arielle is looking very forward to Easter this weekend. Just this morning she woke up and asked me if Easter was today. She is doing good learning the days of the week and all about the work-week and weekends but she still needs daily reminders to keep things clear in her mind.

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