Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our {Cozy} Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in our house that I have not had to do much in the way of decorating. Since our kitchen came pretty basic there were a few extra touches that I just couldn't resist adding.

When we were picking the options for our new house, I surprised myself by choosing natural maple cabinets over the matte white. Maple gives much more of a modern feel which is opposite of beachy or shabby chic, both styles that I find myself drawn to the most. Now that I have maple cabinets I am almost certain I wouldn't change them to white if I had my choice. The most obvious reason being that white would be much more difficult to keep clean but also because I think the maple blends in easily with all of the other wood furniture in the house. Since my kitchen isn't seperated from our living room by any walls that is a good thing!

I started by adding satin nickel hardware to the bare cabinets. This was a fitting choice since we have stainless steel appliances and satin nickel light fixtures throughout the house. To add a touch of warmth, I hung up a roman shade over the window that sits above the sink. The nice thing about the shade is that it matches our living room sofa so it tied the two rooms together. Above the shade, I hung up a distressed, black wooden sign with the phrase {you're never gonna believe this}, "Just Another Day in Paradise." I was so happy to find the perfect pair of curtains for the sliding glass door in the eating nook. I love the stripes, texture and color of these curtains and even decided to paint a wall in my living room the same color green which again creates a sense of unity between the two rooms. Finally, I found the perfect kitchen table and chairs {thanks to craigslist} that is also distressed, black wood with straw seats on the chairs for that touch of beachy that I still desire! Of course because I have a three year old the straw is covered with chair pads to prevent damage but they are still pretty.

~Momma to Bug~

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3 Peas in a Pod said...

The kitchen is beautiful! Your kitchen and your family room look like they're straight out of a magazine. You have great taste!