Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter recap

This Easter was fun for everyone. We died eggs the day before Easter and managed to keep her fingers clean this time. I tried to explain to Arielle that the longer you kept the eggs in the dye, the brighter the egg would be but she was too impatient. Although the eggs turned out beautiful anyway because we used the vinegar method this year.
The Easter Bunny's egg hunt was a great adventure and his Easter basket was a success! Even Mommy and Daddy's gift, a new Leapster game, was greatly appreciated. Arielle was so excited to find the hidden eggs and discover that some of them had candy in them. So much so that after she found all of them, she reorganized the jelly beans and chocolate from her basket and made sure that each egg contained a sweet goody! She played with her presents ate a few bits of sugar heaven and kept herself content most of the day. I was even surprised when she ate her ham and green beans then asked for more two hours later! The one thing I am dissapointed with is how bad all of the pictures turned out this year and the fact that the weather was too cold to dress for the occassion so we stayed inside all day.

~Momma to Bug~

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~Mommy+Me~ said...

Sounds like she had fun! I love the pics of her at the top. I think she looks adorable with her hair pulled back!
I like the Easter basket. Did you buy it like that?
Just wait til she gets a little older. Imani hunts for eggs with money in them now instead of candy. :) We just put change & a few dollar bills.