Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beachy Guest Room {Updates}

I have been updating our beachy guest room over the past several months because I want it to feel bright and airy like a hotel room in the tropics.  The only item I knew for sure that I wanted to leave in the room was the sea shell and coral quilt on the bed because I just love the look of it.  I also didn't want to paint it because we don't have a lot of time on our hands so I tried to add color in other ways.  A lot of projects that I have posted on this blog have contributed to this room's makeover. 

I started by changing out the throw pillows and curtains.  The curtains went from heavy green twill panels to brown linen panels that I found on clearance at Lowe's for $10 each.  The linen let's the light in but you can still keep the lights out by closing the blinds. I replaced the throw pillows with my tropical pillow slipcovers on the bed which give the room a much needed pop of color!  Then I painted my brown wooden cube shelf a light shade of blue and distressed it.  Of course I changed my tablescape on the shelf as well.  I added glass objects because the glass reflects the light and some shells because they go with the beach theme. 

My floral fabric lampshade cover was a great addition to the room as well!  Next I replaced the glass and metal nightsand that matched the headboard with a round pedestal side table that I painted white.  I like how the mis-matched furniture makes the room feel relaxing and casual.  I also changed out the wall art above the headboard to a set of four tropical prints in frames that I painted white. 

The walls on each side of the windows used to have matching palm tree sconces but they were too dark for the new look so I replaced them with framed shell art that I made above a white ceramic tray.  I am still trying to find something to hang on the other side of the wall but nothing that I have tried so far looks right. {I realized while posting this blog that I do not have a picture of this spot in the room so I just quickly snapped one. It's really out of focus and boring but you get the idea}.

All that is remaining to be updated is the light brown wicker chair that doesn't match anything else in the room.  I'm pretty sure that I am going to paint it white and distress it so it looks old and beachy.  The dark brown leather storage ottoman will be the only remaining dark object in the room but I don't mind. I think it will help balance the room out with the brown curtains.  I may consider making a slipcover for it to cover up but it will take finding perfect fabric to get me motivated! 

I'll update my blog when the room is completely finished...