Saturday, August 16, 2008

Master Bedroom *Update*

Thanks to some helpful tips from fellow bloggers and a day off from work, I have begun to redecorate our master bedroom. Here are some pics of the changes that we have made so far:
First, we painted an accent wall in the bedroom. The color is called "Ocean Kiss" by Behr. I took the duvet cover with me to Home Depot to color match and the one we chose seemed to be a perfect match in the store. However, when we painted the walls it became clear that the blue was more bright than dull. I opted to stick with it because I've always prefered the brighter hues anyway and it added a lot of cheer to the room.

Next we took some much needed advice and hung the curtains on clips and moved the rod up five inches. What a difference these small changes made to the look of the room and the function of the curtains! I love it!
I found the perfect piece to hang above the bed! It is a bit smaller than what I wanted to hang but I couldn't resist the way the copper and rustic mirror went together on this barn star. It looks great! I am currently searching for matching candle sconces to put on either side of the star above each nightstand.
I purchased a few tropical accessories to put on the built in wall shelf but still don't know if they look right. I'll leave them there for now until we mount the television to the wall, which we have already purchased the mount so that will be a project for next weekend. I am debating whether or not we should paint the bathroom doorway another color since it sticks out from the walls. I have brown paint left over from the fireplace mantel (see pic below) that I am thinking about using. I think it would be a nice transition from bedroom to bathroom. Does anyone else agree?
Lastly, we decided to paint the master bathroom the same blue that we chose for the accent wall in the bedroom. I really like how it brightened up the space and tied the two rooms together.


Chris Kauffman said...

Wonderful changes , it is amazing how just a little thing like the placement of the drapery rod and adding rings can make, the blue looks amazing, love the star, great job.

Desiree said...

Thank you! It's still a work in progress until I find the perfect wall accessories and decor. Plus, we already painted the bathroom doorway dark brown and it's even more fabulous!

Deb said...

The changes look so good. Love the colors.

Okay about he mistreatments... they are basically curtains, furniture, etc. that you make, change, hang using an imperfect means. So making curtains without sewing, or using sheets, or hanging them without a rod, or painting a piece of furniture with latex paint, or spray paint, instead of oil based and then roughing it up, and getting a unique look. That is pretty much it. Go check out her site and you will see some other ideas.

Thanks for stopping by.

Blogger said...

I love your new color in your bedroom, it's so soothing. I'm a barn star gal myself ;)

I's very nice to meet you, you hav a beautiful home!


abeachcottage said...

i love the blue, I think it is just the right contrast and the simplicity of all the accessories

Tink said...

How would painting the trim around the bathroom door with the same blue as the bathroom look? Not being in the room makes it hard to see how that would work. If not the blue, then the brown would look great. Something to set off that trim. The room looks great!!