Monday, August 25, 2008

Slippin', Sliding and Bike Riding

The weather was perfect this past weekend in sunny Colorado! Arielle got to experience her first time ever on the Slip and Slide! She couldn't quite bring herself to jumping on her belly so with a little push from Daddy she was able to slide all the way down. Arielle even went for a swim in the pool to practice her BOBS and show us her newly discovered BELLY BOBS. Zak and I gave the dogs a hose bath and I furminated them too. For those of you that don't know what the FURminator is you should check it out because it's truly the best deshedding brush in the world! Both of our dogs are half german shepard and malamute/husky so you can only imagine how much hair covers our yard when we are done furminating them. After all that we still had enough energy to take our first bike ride of the year {it only took us until August to do it}. Arielle was so happy to get back into Daddy's bike trailer and ride through the tunnels! She just laughed the whole way through them and it made me so happy to hear her enjoying our bike ride together! I didn't take a picture of our bike ride but this one is from last year. Her head touches the top of the trailer now so I'm thinking this might be the last year that she can ride in it.

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