Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Averi ~ 5 Months Old

Here is Averi on the day she turned 5 months old...she is just as smiley as ever! The day after this Averi rolled over on her tummy in her crib and slept that way for most of the night. She doesn't like being on her tummy so much so there was one time that I had to go in her room and roll her onto her back to stop her from crying. Averi is now eating rice cereal twice a day but despite that she is still waking up every 3-5 hours to eat throughout the night. Most of the time Averi is a very happy baby, especially when her older sister is around to entertain her. At home when Averi is not napping spends time in her exersaucer, jumparoo and on her playmats. We try to get her to do tummy time but it never lasts longer than a few minutes and always ends with her soaking the floor from face-planting! Averi is very good about going to sleep on her own and only cries for a few minutes when we put her down unless she is really tired than she doesn't cry at all. She does have a little temper to speak of though and it really shows when you are holding her and she doesn't feel like being held. When this happens she arches her back and grunts and her face turns red. Averi really enjoys getting up on her feet and practicing her stands. When she is laying down and she hears the word "up" she gets a very big smile on her face and knows exactly what is coming next! I just love the pouty face that Averi makes and I can't help but laugh whenever she makes it. One of these days I'll try to get a picture of her making it because it is so cute. We're hoping Averi will be able to sit up on her own in the next few weeks so we can start feeding her in a high chair instead of the Bumbo seat. Zak, Arielle and I are so much in love with this little girl!
~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


Carry Grace said...

Look how cut she is in her little frog chair!

joco07 said...

Oh gosh what a little cutie!