Monday, March 1, 2010

A Weekend Full of Firsts

Averi had a lot of Firsts this weekend...

After making a few prior attempts at getting her to eat rice cereal {this time we added some breast milk} she finally took a liking to it and gobbled every last bite and then some. I can't wait to start feeding her baby food in a few weeks. That was one of my favorite things to do with Arielle when she was a baby.

The weather got into the fifties and the sun was out so Averi enjoyed some time on the baby swing in our backyard while Arielle had a playdate with her friend from school.

We also put up the Jumparoo for Averi this weekend {we officially look like we set up a baby store in our living room}. She didn't do any bouncing but she did enoy the activities with lights and sounds that are on it. This was one of Arielle's favorite things to do when she was Averi's age. I think Averi is just more cautious than her older sister but I have no doubt once she discovers bouncing she will love it!

Averi has rolled onto her tummy from her back a couple of times in the past week but once she gets on her tummy she just gets frustrated and fusses. I don't think she enjoys being on her tummy which is why she isn't rolling more. This is completely opposite from Arielle when she was a baby because Arielle started sleeping on her tummy {rolling over on her own will} when she was three months old.

~Momma to Bug n' Bear~

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