Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Magnetic" Chalkboard Project

I have been wanting to do another chalkboard project since I made a beach themed one for Arielle's room over a year ago. I still had leftover chalkboard spray paint and several more unused picture frames laying around the house so any project would have been a no or low cost to me.

Fortunately I found a cute "magnetic" picture frame on clearance at Hobby Lobby which only cost me about $3. The only part about the frame that I really liked was the pink magnetic piece that was screwed into the wooden frame {I forgot to take a picture of the picture frame before I took it apart}. So I got the idea to paint an 11" x 14" wooden frame, insert a chalkboard and glue the pink piece of metal to the middle of the chalkboard. After I painted the frame I wasn't happy with how the paint dried...it was really old paint and I think the frame a partial water damage. To fix this I simply sanded the paint down so the brown showed through. I liked how the distressing "aged" the frame but it needed more to make it look worn down. That's when I grabbed the screwdriver and paintbrush and began pounding away at it. The different sized dent marks gave it that final touch to make it look like it's been sitting around for years.
This project was so easy and serves two purposes...it holds magnets and you can write on it with chalk! I hung it up in Averi's nursery room above her Ikea hanging wall storage. I love how it turned out! Did you notice that I forgot to put the magnets on it before I took the pictures but you can use your imagination and pretend there is a little silver magnet holding up a note or a photo in the center.

I linked up to The Shabby Nest Frugal Friday linky party. Funny thing is that Wendy's post for the day was a pinboard that she created which was inspired by a "magnet" board from a store catalogue. I hope she likes my version of a magnet board.

~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


Jenniffer said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

That is a darling magnet/chalk board. I love the idea of puting the metal thingy in the middle it is so cute but serves a purpose too. Thanks for sharing.