Friday, April 30, 2010

Thrift Store Closing Sale

At least once a month I go to the Salvation Army Thrift Store during my lunch break. It is so conveniently located just two minutes down the road from my work. Today I went and found out that the store is closing. The only good thing about this was that the entire store was 50% off so I bought a few things. I got everything that is pictured for $22 but half of the total was spent on the one large framed seashell print. I tried to talk the clerk down but she wouldn't budge. So needless to say I am really bummed out that I won't be going thrifting as often now that the store is closed but I have a few new projects to keep me busy for a little while.

I am the most excited about the wooden lamp because I really like the style but it's obviously in need of a makeover! I have a specific project in mind for the small square picture frame but the rest of the frames I'll just have to store in the basement until something comes up. The tall glass jar will make an excellent flower vase after I wrap a little jute string around it. The smaller glass jar was just to cute and cheap to pass up! I'm sure I'll find some way to use it around the house. I can't wait to find time for my new projects. They'll have to wait until after this weekend because we are working on a little home improvement project that was inspired by this post.

Wish us luck!

~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


House of Smiths said...

GOOD LUCK! on your bathroom frames!
You will LOOOOVE them!

I can't wait to do one in MY master bathroom!

If you have any questions just let me know.

Meredith said...

I 100% agree on that lamp makeover! Whatever you do will turn out great - it's got such great bones to start with. :)

Also, thanks for weighing in on our curtain dilemma. To fill you in, that pic is literally a bedsheet and a drop cloth tacked with thumb tacks to our wall (what can I say, I'm totally a VISUAL person!). The plan is to hem the edges/ top/ bottom once I make a decision... whenever THAT will be! ;)

- Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont