Monday, August 30, 2010

Sneak Peek: Memo Board

I am in the process of making a large memo board for the big empty wall in the newly made-over craft secion of the playroom! A memo board is perfect because it will add a lot of color to the room and be able to hold lots of photos and art work! I was inspired to make a memo board because someone gave me a large poster frame that I couldn't find a use for anywhere else in my house. Unfortunately I ran out of ribbon before we could finish making the memo board last night but here is a sneak peek:

I also spent some time redecorating the other walls and shelves in the playroom so there will be more of a cohesive theme in the room instead of a hodge-podge of decor. I hope to reveal the makeover in it's entirety within the next couple of weeks!

~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


Carry Grace said...

Cute, cute!

Tisha said...

i love it!!

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

That looks like it's gonna be awesome! Is it fabric behind the ribbon? So pretty! I hate running out of supplies mid-project! :)

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