Monday, May 5, 2008

The Cream Corn Incident

Friday night we were watching tv when I thought I heard footsteps above me-this would be unusual because Arielle does not get out of bed once we close her door. As I raced to the steps I saw her standing there at the top of them and heard her start to cry, "I threw up in bed". Poor thing got it all over bed and herself but despite the odor and the mess she seemed very upbeat and somewhat happy, probably to spend more time with Mommy and Daddy as we cleaned her up and changed the bed linens. Arielle proceeded to throw up two more times that night but at least this time we had a trash can in her bedroom and I was there. I actually slept with her all night long for I think the first time ever.

You're probably wondering why she threw up suddenly out of the blue when she had not been sick at all that day. Well that is where the story starts. Zak cooked dinner and decided to open a can of corn but actually it was cream corn. He reminded me of the time he was fifteen and had a bad reaction to cream corn...I guess he too threw up from eating it. I brushed it off and said Arielle will probably like it because she loves regular corn so just cook it anyway. We all ate the cream corn that night and Arielle LOVED it! She had three servings of it that is how much she loved it.

So this just begs the question, did Arielle inherit an allergy to cream corn from her father? Zak didn't throw up that night but he did have bad stomach pains and everything that comes with that. Nothing bad happened to me though, I felt fine all night. And besides being tired from loosing a few hours of sleep the night before, Arielle felt perfectly fine the next day. This just had to be some sort of weird coinicidence, right? Who knows but we won't be serving cream corn to her anytime soon.

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