Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today I left work for a little while and took Arielle to the "Cow Place" (a.ka. Chick Fil A) for lunch. We mostly go there because it is Arielle's favorite indoor play spots but the food is good too! On the way there I asked Arielle if she wanted to play first or eat first. It took her a couple of minutes to think about and she ultimately decided that she wanted to play first. Before I could get out my next sentence which would've went something like, "Okay but when Mommy says it's time to eat you need to listen and leave the play area like a big girl". However, Arielle knew that lecture was coming and wanted to avoid hearing it so she proceeded to cut me short and say, "I will listen to you and do everything that you tell me to do, okay?" I replied, "Okay".

She held up her end of the bargain for a little while and I even convinced her that we should eat before we play because there were no kids in the play area yet. Then came time to leave the play area and little Miss Arielle decided she was done listening for the time being and was not going to do everything that I told her to do. Well, there you have it...a day in the life of a three year old!

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