Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend fun!

What a beautiful, sunny weekend we had here in Colorado! The weather was the best that it has been for quite some time...temps were in the mid-eighties and there were no rain clouds in sight. The weekend started out great and ended even better. When I got home on Friday after work, Arielle announced that we were going to dinner at Red Robins! She collected all of her goodies in a bag to take to the restaurant and put her shoes on before I could even blink. This was amazing because usually we have to convince her that it is fun going out to restaurants. She is such a home-body and enjoys being at home so much that getting her to leave the house can be quite a chore!

Saturday morning we took a bath early and got ready to go to some garage sales! Arielle loves this because there are always so many things to look at and take home. She scored big with new books, a princess toy and baby-doll diaper bag with accessories. She told me, "Look at all this cool stuff"! Shortly after we returned home from garage sales, we left again to go to Thorntonfest (a local festival). We even brought the dogs along for this event! Arielle didn't mind the crowds, the heat or the lines...she was just so happy that Mommy & Daddy bought her a new tiarra at the fair!

The next morning, Arielle woke up a lot earlier than ususal so I took her into the guest room for both of us to go back to sleep. She did not want to sleep though...she wanted to play with her new toys from the garage sales so this is what she did for the next couple of hours while Mommy dozed off and on. It was the first time I had actually seen her entertain herself for this long of a period. She was talking to her dolls and playing without a care in the world! We finally headed downstairs and decided to make breakfast. Arielle helped me make the scrambled eggs even though she was worried about making a mess when she broke the eggs broke open. She had remembered the last time she helped and missed the bowl! She even set the table for us and loved getting to decide where each person was going to sit. After breakfast we piled into the car yet AGAIN and headed to the rec center for some indoor swimming. We ran into one of Arielle's friends from school and they really enjoyed playing in the pool together. In fact, her friend cried when we carried her away to go in the Lazy River. She kept asking her friend if he would go down the butterfly slide with her. It was funny because her friend is noticeably shorter than her so she would bend down to look at him when she talked! She loooked like such a big girl in her new bikini that I splurged on! At first she wasn't very receptive to this new bathing suit because it did not have a princess on it but then she decided it was great because Mermaid wears a top like this one!

Overall it was a fantastic, fun-filled weekend that I wish had never ended! If only I had taken some pictures to share :-(

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