Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arielle's Loft (a design dilemma)

I am posting this blog in the hopes that some of my new, thrifty design blogging friends will have some ideas to share. We have a loft in our 4 bedroom house. It sits in between my daughter's bedroom and a second guest bedroom. It is the first thing you see as you walk up the stairs and look to your left. Approximate size is ten by ten feet. There is one window on the outside wall. Currently, we have a console television stand on one wall and a loveseat across from it on the other wall. I am considering changing this room up a bit by possibly removing the television since we already have three other tv's in our house (a bit much I know). If I removed the television stand and it's compenents, what would you recommend I put in place of it? I would like to keep the loveseat since it's practically brand new and matches a couch that we put in our "game room" downstairs. My three year old already has a playroom all to herself (300 square foot finished room in the basement) so a toy room is out of the question! Anyone have any ideas? Please include inspirational pictures if you have any. Thanks!


Deb said...

OOOOHHHHH!!! A blank canvas. I love those. I have so many possibilities running through my head right now.

Okay first of all thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet words. To answer your question, I used modge podge beneath the paper and then on top of the paper. That pretty much seals it. And then i distressed it after the modge podge was dry. Tacks also help to keep it down. That is pretty much it.

Can't wait to see what you do with this room.

Chris Kauffman said...

I think you have the perfect spot for a window seat flanked by bookcases , those always come in handy for display and books, I would build it to the height of halfway between the floor and window sill, and I would use bamboo blinds and simple curtains , a pretty pattern , hung from a dark rod, for some design appeal , and a co-ordinating cushion for the bench seating. They do have a nice low bench that is white at Ikea that would work as a quick solution. , white tall bookcases would look great like built ins. I would frame art work of your daughters in big simple premade frames and a lovely art gallery will evolve up there , she will love it and so will you. If you have the ability to add a fun light fixture , flea markets are a fun spot for find a charming hanging little chandelier , painted white would be nice , keep it light and airy and an inviting space to read a book or admire art.
what do you think of that .
Hope that helps.