Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Master Bedroom Makeover (suggestions please!)

Please allow me to digress from the world of pigtails and baby dolls for a moment to discuss a more grown up subject...decorating! Recently I decided to makeover our master bedroom. The problem with this makeover is that our room is quite small so there was no way to rearrange the furniture and since my stepdad made our bedroom set replacing it was out of the question. The solution was to add curtains to our gigantic window, replace our old small dresser with a big one and buy new linens. Again, I do not have any before pictures but that's okay.

This makeover is not yet complete because I am stumped as to what to put on the walls (I am not happy with what is on them now) and how to decorate the wide dresser and space around it. I also need ideas on how to decorate the built-in wall shelf, the wall above the bed and the wall across from the bed. Please leave a comment with your ideas on how to turn this boring bedroom into an oasis. Thank you!

Above the bed is a framed island print. The frame is metal copper color which I like but the mat is green which does not match the new duvet cover which is blue with tan & taupe ribbons. I really do like the print and every other room in my house has a beach or tropical theme so I think keeping it is a good idea. I would definitely have to replace the mat probably with tan or brown but I'm not sure. I could reframe it all together but I don't know if I would keep it above the bed or hang it somewhere else in the room.

This is the new, wide dresser that we just bought. I love how it is rubbed black finish over espresso so it picks up just enough brown to tie in the new curtains. My problem is that I don't know if we should mount the television on the wall or not. Either way the cable box and DVD player need to remain on top of the dresser as much as I do not want them there. How do I decorate this monster? What type of accessories should I use? The bigger question is what do I put on the walls. The only idea I came up with so far is to buy 3-4 matching iron, decorative squares (I've seen some at Kohl's & Linens and Things) to hang in a row above. I also think a couple of various sized candle holders would look nice but arranging accessories around the electronics seems to be a challenge.

Here are the new curtains! They are dark brown silk with embroidered tan flowers. The slipper chair brings a tropical touch to the room because it is made of wicker. The color is dark brown and I just recovered the cushion in a warm, linen fabric. Should I put matching sconces on either side of the curtains? If not, what should I do? Nothing? I think I like the tile print where it is. What do you think?

This is the dreaded, built-in wall shelf (please ignore the very messy view of my bathroom). It has been empty since we moved in over two years ago because I am at an absolute loss as to what should go up there. Should I use great big accessories or smaller ones? What type of accessories? If not accessories what else is there? Plants would be too hard to water and I'm not sure if I like the look of artificial plants. Help!
Lastly, what should I put on the very small wall space next to the bedroom door? I was thinking about switching the door so that it opened outward so I have more wall space to decorate. Either way, should I keep the framed beach print or replace it with something more sophisticated and elegant? Whatever I put there should coordinate with the accessories that I choose for the built-in wall shelf above.
Thanks for any suggestions that you might have on how to finish decorating my bedroom makeover!


Chris Kauffman said...

Thanks for asking , I think to get lots of help , you can just ask for it like you did on mine, and comment lots on others blogs.
I love the dresser it is so nice, and very traditional nantucket , the drapes are pretty too, but they are destroying your window , I suggest take them off the rod and buy rings and hang them from rings , drapes should not cover so much of the window ,they should neatly stack to each side, pocket rods are awful for this , I do this all the time. You need some mirrors , I think with black frames, over the bed I think that would be nice a group of mirrors with black frames, I will suggest you paint the walls Glidden reflecting pool 10GG 62/026 , souvenir 10GG 53/030 for the bed wall only. Would you paint the bed and side table black? I think it would bring it all together . Ok there is what I think would help , do not switch your door it will make you crazy on the other side.
Good luck with your room.

ROXY said...

I love what you've done. I think that comforter is do decadent. In terms of the TV, we had this same problem and just ended up leaving it on the console table. Also, I love that wicker slipper chair. I've been looking for a chair like that. Where is it from?

Well, good luck with you new blog...I will be sure to visit again soon! If you would like, come over to visit my new blog..http://clickyourheels3x.blogspot.com/

Good luck!

Deb said...

Hey there, I saw your comment on Just Beachy and thought I would stop by and check out your makeover. Love the colors you chose, the drapes and the dresser. I think you need to warm up the room a bit. Rod iron is a good way to go. Maybe some sort of iron wall art over the bed. Just make sure it is large enough for that wall. Maybe even paint the walls. Since you have chosen warm colors for the bedding and curtains, maybe a nice grey blue for the walls. I also think you could put some mirrors on the walls in a grouping. I just saw some at Michaels that were on clearance. Originally 29.99 they were down to $6. We put some up at my MIL house and they look great. They are square, maybe 10x10 and have that sort of vintage look where there are spots on the mirror to make them look aged. Oh and the frame gives the illusion of a picture frame, but there is also mirror on the bevel all the way around. Maybe 3 on each side of the window.

Hope this helps. Good luck. I'll be sure to come back and check out what you have done.

Desiree said...

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate everyone's advice and will try to convince my husband to help me paint the room. As far as the curtains, it's so funny that you suggested to use rings b/c that was what I was originally going to do and didn't. Should've went with my instint. I will buy the rings which means we'll have to bring the curtain rod up a bit but that is okay. Already found a STAR MIRROR for above the bed. It's gorgeous. Will post a picture tonight.

Desiree said...


The wicker chair and curtains are from Pier One. But the chair is older and I don't think they sell it anymore. I'll be sure to check out your blog!

Unknown said...

check out http://nestingplacenc.blogspot.com/
she has a lot of good ideas for window "mistreatments." she's huge on repurposing too.

Chris said...

I agree about the curtains. The higher you can get those suckers, the better. It makes your window and your room look bigger. I also think you should paint the room. Any thoughts on painting the bed and nightstands black to match the dreser? I think that would look awesome. The print above the mirror definitely needs a new frame--something bulkier. What about doing a large mirror there? Mirrors are great for any room. It opens up the space. I also think you should mount the tv on the wall. It shouldn't be on a dresser. That frees up any decorating space you have there. A long, shallow bowl with some candlesticks for heighth will help on that. I hope this helps you with some ideas. It's coming along very nicely!

Desiree said...

Thanks! I like the idea of tall candlesticks and a large bowl. We just purchased a tv wall mount, painted and put the curain on rings and moved it up. I'll post progress pics now!