Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wall Squares Project

After seeing the wall square project for the first time here I became inspired to make my own. So off I went to Michael's for styrofoam {who knew how much this stuff actually's not expensive but certainly not worth what you get} and ribbon. My first attempt to make the wall squares with scrapbook paper on the front and ribbon on the sides failed. Neither one of them was sticking very well to the styrofoam so I had to think of something else. Fabric was the next best thing so I set off to JoAnn. There I found two coordinating brown fabrics with splashes of rust color which was a perfect match to my newly decorated bedroom. I actually ended up covering one of the squares in some leftover linen fabric but when I didn't like how it looked I glued paper on top and put the ribbon around the sides. It all stuck much better to the fabric than the styrofoam. I am amazed at how little effort it took to transform these materials into beautiful pieces of art! They are a perfect way to fill some wall space for not a lot of time and money.


Deb said...

What a great idea... FABRIC. You are super smart to think of that alternative. I really like how your squares came out, and they are perfect for that area. Great job.

Screaming Meme said...

I love them! AWESOME! I wanted to personally invite you to my faux school...Screaming Meme's Faux School...I teach different ways to paint...faux,distress,antique,fooling the eye....It's easy and fun!I have a few classes already posted..You can find them on my sidebar! So,get to class your late! :)