Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our {Girly} Playroom

About a year after we moved into our house we decided to have a portion of the basement finished so that we could use it as a playroom. Although this room doesn't get used nearly enough as you would think or I would like it has so many benefits. Like for starters, it holds a LOT of toys and it is nice and cool in the summertime. Maybe once Arielle gets a little more independant she will appreciate it more. I know Averi is going to have a blast in there as soon as she starts crawling....everything will be on the ground!

I arranged the pictures down below in order of how you would see the room if you were standing in the center and spun around in a clockwise direction. There is a fully slipcovered loveseat in the middle of the room that I purchased on craigslist for $150. It was the best investment for this room by far! The double doors open up to the rest of our unfinished basement which contains some exercise equipment and provides plenty of storage for seasonal items, unused furniture and other items of that nature. The rest of the room speaks for itself!

~Momma to Bug n' Bear~


Carry Grace said...

I bet it is so nice to have a playroom.

Tisha said...

oh my word, you inspire me to make a playroom!!!! lol I want that playroom, can I come over to play?