Friday, September 3, 2010

A Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Arielle lost her first baby tooth about a month ago and I mean that literally.  She was on a field trip and tried to open her pudding with her and teeth which made the tooth fall out.  Apparently everyone including her teachers looked for the tooth but it was nowhere to be found.  At the suggestion of one of her teachers, Arielle wrote this letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining why she did not have her tooth to put under her pillow {or in her tooth pillow that hangs from her bed post as the case may be}:

Her spelling is pretty good for being five and not getting any help but for those of you who need a translation here it is:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

My tooth fell out and I'm not sure if you know or not or if you saw or not and I hope you know.


The letter worked and the Tooth Fairy left Arielle a very generous amount of $5! 

Good thing I remembered to take a picture of the letter before the Tooth Fairy took it away ;-)

Here is a picture of Arielle with her newly missing tooth.  She has three more loose teeth on the bottom and her new one has already grown almost in full!