Monday, September 20, 2010

A Poll: Guest Room Nighstand Color Dilemma

I am in the process of redecorating our guest room.  Everything will be changing except the bed frame and linens.  I already made over the cube shelf that is used as one nightstand in the room.  I purchased this round pedestal end table on craigslist for $10 to replace the existing nightstand that is in the room.  The current nightstand matches the bed frame perfectly but that is one problem and the fact that it is glass is another problem.  I used to have a passion for glass furniture but now that I have kids I don't like it in my house for obvious reasons.  I want this room to feel beachy, fresh and airy when I am done with it. 

All of that being said, what color do you think I should paint the new nightstand? 

Please vote in my poll.


Lauren @ 31diy said...

Hi Desiree!

My vote is for white, but maybe that's just because I'm going through a white phase... :) I love Craigslist! That table is really cute, and for only $10! Nice.

By the way, I left you a blog award on a post just now. :) Here is the link:


Rheanna Bristol said...

I love your chalkboard table. The surface paint makes the chalkboard? Its pretty cool.
I got your blog from 31 DIY. Very cool and crafty. I am now following and your going on my blog roll, so you'll be seeing a lot of me :-)