Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Monster in our Backyard

Looking at Lexi you would think she is such a good dog {9 month old Puppy} and for the most part she really is GOOD. However, our big yard is her domain and there is no stopping her when she is out there. I'm not kidding you, every time Arielle {the 3 year old kid} or Sierra {the ten year old dog} step foot in the backyard Lexi knocks them over faster than a speeding bullet. I fear for both of their safety and long for the days when Arielle could just run out to her playground without getting TRAMPLED on and Sierra could chase her ball without being used as a HURDLE and/or chew toy. Just yesterday, I saw Lexi knock Sierra down to the ground and heard Sierra wince. Minutes later Sierra begged me to throw her ball {something she should not being doing at her age, let alone not two minutes after a Lexi take-down} and I did so feeling sorry for her. Down she went wincing even louder this time unable to walk back to me without limping. And today, upon arrival of my mother which makes both dogs act uncontrollably excited, Lexi knocked Arielle down inside the house and left a big scratch on her cheek.
So I have to ask myself...WHAT WAS I THINKING when I got a puppy? Don't worry, Lexi will soon grow up and be a real dog but for now we'll have to be on the lookout. And we are getting back at her in our own little cruel (non-harmful) ways...
Lexi did not like wearing a tutu at all! She is staring out the window wondering, "Just wait until the next time you step foot out into MY backyard...I'll get you then!"

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Chris said...

I. feel. your. pain. The only difference is I think you might actually like your dog! The tutu picture was so cute! Good luck with puppy-dom!