Saturday, September 20, 2008

Her first A

My girl is Growing Up! Here is proof:

Today I asked her if she wanted to draw in her friend's birthday card so she ran to grab a pencil and sat down at the table in deep concentration. A minute later she was asking me how to write the rest of Annabelle's name and when I looked down at the card I saw a near perfect "A"!
I happily wrote her friend's name down on a piece of paper (in all caps) so Arielle could finish what she started. Then Arielle announced that she couldn't write the next letter-N (she hadn't even tried) so I guided her hand along. I only had to help her with the N's and the B but the rest was all her! I am so Proud of her...can't you tell!


AJ said...

You definitely have one smart little cookie! Reminds me of my oldest when she was that age:)

~Mommy+Me~ said...

That's really good! Imani was like that too. She could do a lot already by the time she started preschool.
Good job ARIELLE! ;)