Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loft improvements

I am on a quest to repurpose Arielle's loft into something other than a television room. Chris suggested turning it into a library reading room and I really loved her idea of putting tall bookshelves on either side of the window with a window bench in between. However, as soon as I mentioned this to my husband he reminded me that there is a floor vent on one side of the window on the floor. Argh! Obviously people who design house plans are not decorators because this is the tenth time I have run into this problem when trying to arrange furniture in a room. So my next thought was to still make a window bench but put the shelves on one of the walls opposite the loveseat. Lastly, I thought instead of using ordinary bookshelves that cube shelfs would look more modern and "lofty" so I began searching on craigslist for the perfect cube shelves. Low and behold I found these beauties and for such a bargain at $70 for both {probably because the tops of them are moderately scratched up but they were affordable so I'll have to work around that}:Arielle has already "decorated" them with her toys. I guess there is no resisting that since it is her loft and her toys multiply by the weeks...I have my garage-sale-junkie parents to thank for that. Although I would prefer to buy some new baskets and accessorize them, I think for now they make the perfect place for toys. Perhaps when Arielle gets older we can turn the room into a craft/homework room with a large desk and some cabinets!

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Chris Kauffman said...

Don't forget you can always build in vent holes into any built in , vents don't get to boss .