Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Looking Glass

Tonight as I was tucking Arielle into bed, the Monster came into her room. We knew Lexi was in there because she immediately started putting her big wet nose all over us to let us know she was there. This made Arielle and I giggle then we had the following brief conversation which just filled my heart with pure, sweet goodness:
Momma: Are you sad that we got Lexi? Or are you happy?
Bug: Why?
Momma: Because she chews on us and knocks you down and sometimes she's not a good girl.
Bug: Yes but when she is good we are happy!
If only I could see the world through her EYES and make all of the bad stuff dissapear.
These pictures were taken right after we got Lexi when she was 3-4 months old and before she weighed MORE than Arielle. Knock downs back then were just fun and games and the monster hadn't reared it's ugly {but oh so cute} head yet!

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