Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Teachers live in classes, not houses

Arielle had her first day in the intermediate classroom at her preschool today and to my amazement she handled it like a pro! I am so proud of her for not asking to hold blankie when we got to school and not crying or holding onto me when I left. I know I am probably jinxing myself but it seems as though she is getting more and more used to change in her life. I can't even describe how proud of her that I am today. She said something really funny to me tonight as I was tucking her into bed...we were talking about her first day and naming all of her teachers when she told me that "teachers live in classes, they don't live in houses." So I asked her, "you don't think that teachers go home after the kids leave and come back in the morning?" and she said, "no, they don't go home because they stay in classes." Too funny!

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