Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursdays are Bad Luck

Yesterday was the third Thursday in a row that I have picked my daughter up from school only to find out that she had injured herself. It started two Thursdays ago when this happened to her finger. We went straight to Urgent Care that evening where they told us she had a gentle finger fracture. We followed that up with a visit to a hand specialist who discovered that there were actually two fractures.

Last Thursday when I picked her up I discovered that she had a run-in with another child and badly bruised her cheek. This wasn't a big deal but the bruise is still slightly visible. The story is that she was jumping off a big rock {to see how far she could jump} and that is how it happened. The playground that she was in is covered in small pebbles so the fact that she was jumping off rocks didn't concern me too much.

Yesterday, which was Thursday, as I walked into her school to pick her up I heard someone saying her name in the front office. Sure enough, there she was holding a tissue on her bloody chin. She had been running on the blacktop playground and fell on her knee and her chin. There was a cut about a half inch long that looked pretty deep so off to Urgent Care we went again. Fortunately she didn't need stitches, just a good would cleaning and a few steri-strips and she was good to go. Poor Arielle. She had a couple of little holes in her pants where she fell on her knee and she kept asking if she would be able to wear them again after I washed them.

What is a parent to do? Is the only way to teach her to be careful and not get hurt is by learning the hard way? She is already deathly afraid to open up doors and/or hold them open. Every time she touches one she asks me if it closes automatically. Now I have tried to convince her that she should not run on cement or blacktops anymore but all the other kids are going to be doing it so why shouldn't she? I guess she is just more accident-prone than most other kids, maybe because she is tall for her age.

One thing is for sure, the supersticious being in me is really dreading picking her up from school next Thursday.


3 Peas in a Pod said...

Poor kid sounds like me when I was younger. I had stitches on my face 4x. My daughter's following in my footsteps too. That's why we call her Calamity Jane. She hits her head so many times my husband and I swear she's going to have brain damage. It's so scary. I hope next Thursday just sails on by like any other Thursday did before 3 weeks ago. Some kids are just accident-prone. All I can say is at least she learns after she does it once. All 3 of my kids don't learn, I didn't learn when I was little and neither did my husband. Of course we've learned now that we're adults but that doesn't count.

Much love from NJ,

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wish I knew what to is heartbreaking to have your kids get hurt, because you know you just can't stop it from happening most times and it just makes me so sad. My daughter has a huge abrasion on her forehead due to a run in with the shower door. It makes me cringe every time I see her!