Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Averi ~ 18 months

In the past six months Averi has changed...a lot!  She is still so cheerful and easy-going but very fiesty.  One of her favorite things is getting her shoes and coat on to go places.  She picks her own shoes out and insists on zipping her coat up every time.  Averi started walking at 15 months but before that she was climbing up stairs. Now that she is walking she doesn't like to climb up stairs...go figure.  She has learned how to do several picture puzzles, knows lots of animals, parts of the body and some colors.  Averi is definitely behind her sister in the speech department but she still manages to communicate really well with signs and pointing.  Some new words that she has learned are no, yes, eyes, milk, socks (pronounced ox), please (pronounced eezsh), down and Dora (all because of Dora's Halloween Adventure book).  We read stories every night while Averi sits on her froggy chair then we turn out the lights, turn on the Cloud B ladybug nightlight and say goodnight to everything in her room.  When I say, "I love you" she thinks that means that she needs to kiss me so she puts her cheek up to my lips.  Averi prefers walking over being carried practically everywhere we go and she doesn't want you to hold her hand.  This is especially difficult when we are crossing the street.  I just love her independant spirit and mild-mannered attitude!  One thing you can count on is that she always wants what her sister has but Arielle usually doesn't mind.  She is a kind and helpful big sister and I can tell they love each other so much.  It makes my heart melt.

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they are both so big and cute!!!