Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beach Family

We just had a very nice visit from the Beach Family, otherwise known as Gaby, Tee & Nipsy!

They are Arielle's grandparents (and their faithful Jack Russell Terrier) and they bravely drive from Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida every year to visit us. We all eagerly look forward to this annual vacation because each time we venture somewhere that we haven't been before within the beautiful state of Colorado. This year we took a two and a half hour ride to Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City. Arielle did just fine on the car ride thanks to a DVD player. We all had a lot of fun touring around the World's Highest Suspension Bridge!
Arielle got to ride on a stubborn and stinky burro led by Daddy & Tee then pet the little goats at a small petting zoo...

Perhaps the most exciting part of the trip was when we rode on the big escalator/roller coaster looking ride otherwise known as the "Incline Railway". While in line for this six minute ride we ended up having to wait for at least thirty minutes while the town Sheriff and his deputy assisted "Ruth" in getting off the ride. It seems as if this elderly woman injured herself while on the ride (or at the bottom of it) and could not get up to walk. It was very sad to see her in such an awful prediciment but we all wondered why on earth would she have gone on this ride at her age, in her health condition and all by herself. Arielle was such a good sport while we stood waiting in the blistering sun. The moment she saw Ruth being carried away on the plastic lawn chair (you are probably asking yourself why there was not a wheelchair available...we were wondering the same thing) Arielle announced that we could get on the ride now! She was ready to go!

The wait paid off because we got to be in the front of the ride where we all really enjoyed the view looking down into the raging river below!

By the end of the day we were all very tired but happy that the Beach Family and the Mountain Family went togther on this fun little trip...

and we can't wait for another new adventure again next year!

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