Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Girl!

It was a very happy Father's Day this year for Daddy and Arielle. She has really started to bond with him and has definitely gotten past the "NOT THE MAMA" days. We used to call Zak this when Arielle was a baby because she would hit him whenever he tried to pick her up if she was crying. She has always preferred for me to comfort her since the day she was born. She even went through a phase where she would act mad when Zak got home from work. She would say, "No Daddy, you can't come in." This was very frustrating but Zak has always been so patient and understanding with her. Foretunately, she has recently outgrown this phase and has started to really admire her Daddy. I know that I really admire the connection that they have and I'm so proud of the wonderful father that he has become!

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