Monday, June 2, 2008

My First Video Blog

I was so excited because I finally had a chance to take a video of Arielle so I could post it on a blog but unfortunately it was too big of a file to download. Bummer! So I tryed to download it to but failed miserably at that as well. I have decided to post my blog anyway even without the video because I already wrote it before I discovered that I couldn't download the video. Meanwhile I will try to explore other options of posting this video on my blog even if it takes me all day.

Arielle has really started getting into singing songs and she enjoys every minute of it! She is very good at memorizing songs and singing along with them on the radio. I have been wanting to video tape her forever so we finally had the chance driving in the car the other day. However, she became quite camera shy when Zak started filming her so for the first half of the song she wasn't quite as dramatic as usual. She starts to get really into her singing halfway through, still I will have to secretly film her next time so we can actually see her as her true self as a music performer. The song that she is singing we call "The Wolfie Song" and it is from the Barbie Princess & The Pauper movie soundtrack. Wolfie is the Pauper's cat that acts like a dog. Enjoy!

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