Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My heart is melting...

I'm sorry to say that the baby bird did not make it through the night alone in his nest. I feel very sad about it today and keep thinking that if we had done things different that he would be alive today. Ironically, I think the same thing nearly every day about my parenting choices. Will it ever end or will I always live in wonder about how things could have been if only I had done things differently?

The other day, Arielle said something that made my heart melt because it showed me how much she truly loves us. She said (word for word) "Daddy, you're my daddy and Mommy, you're my mommy. I will always be with you guys." These were the sweetest words and I never want to forget them. She is so full of love that sometimes it just hurts my heart to think about how much I love her back. I guess her words should be reassurance enough that I have made the right choices and I can stop wondering what could have been...at least for now.

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