Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday Morning

Yesterday morning Arielle woke up with a big smile on her face and was very cheerful! She came into our bedroom laughing and told us that "laughing is better than crying". She used her manners when she asked to watch a show so I happily agreed. I set her clothes down beside her and didn't even ask her to get dressed...she just did it all by herself than was very proud of afterward! There was no crying when she asked me what day it was and I told her it was a school day. I didn't even have to remind her three times to use the potty and to put her shoes on. Shockingly she didn't get upset when I dropped her off at school or make me come back for one last hug and kiss three times in a row. Thankfully, it was a pleasant and uneventful morning filled with very memorable moments that I will always cherish.

This morning was completely the opposite of yesterday morning but hey, the glass is half full so I'll just blame it on the rainy weather and know that tomorrow morning will be pleasant again.

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