Monday, June 23, 2008

Spread Your Wings and Fly

Although I wouldn't consider us to be a nature enthusiastic family, today we certainly had a lot of things in nature to be excited about today! We decided to drive to Estes Park for some lunch and couldn't go without stopping to feed the chipmunks along the way. Arielle wanted to feed them so badly but it wasn't easy to get them to come to her. Every time one came close she would move quickly to try to feed it so they turned and ran away. I could tell that she felt like a priness being surrounded by all of her chubby little chipmunks friends in the forest!

The birds and the bees...
When we returned home our puppy Lexi disovered that one of the baby robins from the nest was now on the ground. Fortunately she did not hurt the baby. We saw the mama robin flying around and figured that she had kicked the little ones out of the nest so they could be on their own. Sadly this little baby has not yet learned how to fly so she left him behind (we think). All he could do was hop around on the rocks and the grass. After a few hours of watching him do this we just couldn't stand it anymore...mama was nowhere in sight so went out and scooped him up in our hands. We tried to get him to fly by tossing him into the air but he just landed on the ground. Then we decided that he looked hungry so we tried to feed him crackers and hot dogs. Probably not the best choices for bird food but it was all we had. Without any luck, we thought it would be best to put him back in the nest for the night and try his flying lesson again tomorrow. Hopefully when the time is right he will spread his wings and learn how to fly like all of our babies.

Mother Nature didn't stop with the baby bird. As we were putting him back in the nest we made yet another discovered an animal that was far less cute than birds and chipmunks. It was a wasp's nest tucked beneath the playground slide! Needless to say the wasps won't be living there much longer. I don't know if I can say the same about the baby bird but I know that we are going to miss him when he is gone. Did I mention that one of Arielle's goldfish is pregnant?!?!

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