Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Frames, New Art

My latest decorating project was inspired by Arielle's first "real" drawing. I used quotation marks because she has made several drawings prior to this one but they didn't look remotely close to what she said they were supposed to be. The second I saw this drawing I couldn't even believe that Arielle drew it herself. Then when she told me that she drew a picture of Mommy & Daddy I literally got teary-eyed!

So I decided this picture was too good for the fridge so I checked out craigslist for some inexpensive frames and I scored BIG time! I got four matching, black frames with matting and two smaller ones for $30. There are a couple of dings here and there but since they are black I'll just color them in with a Sharpie and they'll be as good as new. The best thing about this project is that it's so easy to change out the art in the frame whenever Arielle creates a new masterpiece! I am going to hang the frames up in the loft above the new cube shelves which by the way I put side by side on the wall across from the loveseat and they now look like built-in-shelves.


Deb said...

Great deal you found, and your little one's art work looks so good in them. I'm sure she is going to feel so special every time she see sit displayed.

joco07 said...

What a GREAT idea! Target has some cute cheapo frames too. I was just workin gon photos last night!