Monday, January 19, 2009

TIP: Organization for Countertops

I have a great tip for organizing the countertops in your kitchen, bedroom or laundry room. This is especially helfpul if you run out of room in your junk cabinets and drawers or have you stuff that is too big for either of those places. I also think this is the perfect way to store stuff that you need to be able to grab easily on a daily basis because it saves your cabinets and drawers from getting dirty or worn from over-use.
Here's what you do:
Go to office supplies section of any store and buy a couple of these metal, rectangular-shaped containers {I think their main purpose is to store cd's}. Then add a couple of magnets and/or magnetic clips {binder clips work too}.

Find an empty section of countertop and place the container against the wall, then fill it up!
I use mine to store sunscreen, lotion, windex, bubbles, tissues, notepads, Netflix movies...the possibilities are endless.

Use the magnets and clips to hang up recipes, coupons, photos, notes, receipts, etc. {this is my favorite part}!

Finally, if you are worried about your counters looking "junky" because you are expecting guests, showing your home, etc. all you have to do is pick the container up {with all of it's contents in place} and store it under the kitchen sink for a day!

This really is the perfect solution for organizing your countertops and de-cluttering!

~Momma to Bug~

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Those magnets are a great idea! I love how you can change things out so easily. Thanks for posting about it! :)