Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Time at The Movies

Zak took Arielle to see her first movie today. Actually, it was the second time we took her but I have tried to forget about the first time because it was a disaster. We had taken her to see Shrek 3 since she loved to watch the first two Shrek movies at home so much. She sat very still and quiet through the previews and the first fifteen minutes of the movie but fell to pieces thereafter. We ended up leaving early and I have been fearful of taking her back to movies ever since. We decided that she was finally ready to go back since it was a year later and she had seen the previews for "Kung Fo Panda" and liked it. I opted not to go because if it was as bad as it was the first time both of us would be miserable. Fortunately Arielle behaved perfectly so they stayed for the whole movie. She was very proud of herself for only whispering and apparently she ate more popcorn than Zak did!

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Unknown said...

we are taking carter to wall-e this month for his first movie - as his FINALLY potty trained prize:)