Friday, October 24, 2008

Casey Key Beach Views

Today we took a drive to CaSeY KeY. It was the only outing we took on this entire vacation that Arielle actually fell asleep in the car so we took advantage of the the extra time we had in the car to do some sight-seeing. Here are some pictures I took today as we drove down the only road on this small island which is located near Venice, Florida.

Enjoy the beach views!
We couldn't believe how GIGANTIC the houses were and most of them had little BeAcH CaBaNaS across the street literally a few footsteps away from their own private beach.

Here are some pictures of a couple of beautiful houses on SiEsTa KeY which is the island that my in-laws live on and is just next door to Casey Key.
~Momma to Bug~

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joco07 said...

Glad you guys are having fun! I'm jealous of the toes in the sand photo. I would love to have my toes in the sand. At this point, I'd be happy to be wearing flip flops! :)