Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Enjoying our Vacation

We're still enjoying our vacation in Florida. Here is a list of the things we did today:

1. Took a walk around Siesta Key. We went with Gaby on her daily run to feed the cats that she is pet-sitting. Arielle enjoys this part of the walk. I like to see all of the tropical plants and palm trees on the island.

2. Visted Gaby's work at the hospital. Everyone was so complentitive to Arielle and one lady even gave her a pretzel rod. When we left Arielle said, "I told you everyone was going to like me. I like when people like me."

3. Ate lunch at Chipotle. This is a big deal because it is the first time we have been able to do this in Florida. Arielle ate every last bit of her cheese quesidilla and a whole lotta chips & guacamole.

4. Shopped at Old Navy & Marshalls. This is just a neccessity whether we are on vacation or not.

5. Ate Ice Cream at St. Armand's Circle. We go here every year to walk around. This time Arielle ate almost all of her chocolate ice cream and all the gummy bears on top. I found my new favorite flavor of ice cream thanks to Gaby, Toasted Coconut!

6. Went to Coquina Beach. There was the most amazing spot to take photos so that is the first thing we did. Then we were so excited to collect so many beautiful seashells that we almost didn't notice the DOLPHINS swimming off the coast! This was so fascinating to me as I had never seen dolphins in the wild before. They were relatively close to us but moving so fast that it was hard to chase them down. I managed to snap a few pictures as proof.

7. Ate Rico's Pizza for dinner. This is a little pizza shop that we drive by everytime we come here but have never eaten there before...neither had Gaby or Tee.

It was a great day and I am so happy to be spending time with my family. Arielle is just so talkative and it's fun to have real conversations with her even if the subject matter is somewhat repetitive. I love listening to her talk to other people and hear her perspective on things. I am starting to realize that there are just certain things about her that are part of who she is and they are never going to change and I wouldn't want it any other way. Spending this much time with her is a blessing.
~Momma to Bug~


~Mommy+Me~ said...

Sounds fun! Glad you are having a good time!! I'm still jealous of all those beach pictures!

Unknown said...

we had ricos yesterday too;)