Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween's Past: Day Three

In the spirit of HaLLoWeeN I thought I would put together a post of each of Arielle's past costumes, one for each day before the next celebration.

2007 (2 years old)

"The Little Mermaid" This was the first year that Arielle picked out her own Halloween costume and who else would she pick but her favorite princess that shares the same name as her? Arielle really enjoyed every aspect of Halloween last year because she was old enough to understand what was going on. I remember so much about this year and will probably tell these stories over and over for years to come.

First, we took Arielle to a trick-or-treating event at a local event center and she had completely forgotten that people were going to hand out candy to her. The first few booths we visited the people reached out to put candy in Arielle's bag but she kept pulling it away and putting her hand out. I kept telling her to give them her bag so they could drop the candy in it but she wasn't doing it. I figured out that she thought they were going to put their hands in it to take candy OUT, not put it IN!!!

Then on the actual night of Halloween while we were trick-or-treating around the neighborhood IT happened. Somebody answered the door in a {very exquisite} WiZaRd costume. This was not a scary costume by any means but through the eyes of a two year old that was not expecting to see anything other than a regular person opening the door it freightened her. For the entire rest of the night before she walked up to a house to ring the doorbell she would tell ask, "There's not going to be a scary person at this house, right?" I'm not kidding, every house she said this and every time we had to convince her that it would not happen again, knowing full well that it could happen again. And it would have happened again if my maternal instincts had not kicked in. As we rang the doorbell of a very dark house I heard some rustling behind the door and could see scary decorations inside the hall so I knew immediately something BAD was going to happen. I stepped in front of Arielle and just as I made sure she couldn't see what was in front of her a person opened the door wearing a WereWolf mask. Of course I asked them to remove it before Arielle could know what was going on and they did so the crisis was averted! Phew.

~Momma to Bug~

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Tardevil said...

Aren't they cute when they're little? The pumpkin shopping trip photos are cute! Like the gourds in the vase too, but I REALLY LIKE YOUR BACKGROUND!